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by News Department on 02/11/19

Line Mountain Closed...

Officials at Line Mountain School District, in Northumberland County, have decided to cancel school for today. 

District officials say an incident of "swatting" that led to some tense moments at the school Friday is still under investigation. Swatting is when someone fakes a 911 call for an emergency. 

In this case, state police say the call was initiated in Indiana and the threat was totally false. 

Police were sent to the school Friday as a precaution; however, there never was an active shooter. 

The school district released a statement Sunday night saying, after discussions between School Administration and the State Police; it is in the best interest of all parties to close the school district today, as the investigation into last Friday’s swatting incident is not yet complete. 

The closing at Line Mountain affects about 1,200 students.

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