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by News Department on 06/12/19

Funding for PSP...

Governor Tom Wolf called for support, at a press conference Tuesday, for legislation that will impose a fee to municipalities that do not have a local police department and rely solely on State Police for local police coverage.

 According to a release from the Governor's Office, House Bill 959 and Senate Bill 741 will correct that imbalance by requiring municipalities that rely on state police to chip in on the cost of coverage. 

The fee will help supplement the funding PSP will lose as the Motor License Fund draw-down is reduced by 4 percent annually until it is capped in 2027. 

The fee schedule is set on a sliding scale ranging from $8.00 per capita for a municipality with a population up to 2,000, to $166 per capita for municipalities with a population over 20,000. 

During its first year, the fee is expected to raise an estimated $104 million for PSP operations, services and cadet classes.

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