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by News Department on 02/17/17

Overtime lowered at prison...

Extending the number of hours part-time corrections officers can work is already saving Schuylkill County money on overtime costs. 

Warden Eugene Berdanier told the county prison board this week the overtime cost in January came to $19,642. That’s $18,755 less than $38,397 spent in December. 

Last month, the county extended the number of hours part-time correctional officers can work from 20 to 28. The move was aimed at attracting — and keeping — more part-timers, who’s hours have to be kept under 30 to avoid paying for health and other benefits. 

The county aims to have 10 part-time officers with the cost of $622 to train each one. 

In addition to the extra hours, the warden said the drop in overtime was also due to some full-time officers returning from medical leave.

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