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by News Department on 02/07/19

Prison Guard to be charged...

A corrections officer working at the Northumberland County jail is expected to face numerous drug charges after a K-9 search at the jail found unknown substances in the officer's locker and vehicle. 

The Northumberland County District Attorney says that search was prompted by the jail's warden who contacted the DA Monday morning with evidence suggesting inmates were using illegal drugs. 

The search was conducted through the DA's detective unit, a K-9 team with Northumberland-Montour Drug Task Force, and jail officials. 

The K-9 alerted it detected drugs at both the officer's locker and vehicle parked outside. 

According to the district attorney's office, once the corrections officer realized their locker and vehicle had been searched, they attempted to leave the jail. 

Investigators say the officer got into their vehicle, attempting to flee and almost struck a deputy who was trying to block the vehicle from leaving. The K-9 officer chased after them but was unable to find the officer or vehicle.

 The DA has not released the name of that officer.

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